Paint Correction & Enhancement

Have you ever took a walk around your car and really looked at the paint under the sun and noticed that it isn’t as glossy or shiny as you thought it would be? Especially after you just washed your car using premium mitts, soap, and waxes to make your car look as best as it could and the finish just doesn’t look as great as you thought it would? After all, after properly washing and even waxing it should make the paintwork look better. If your car looks dull under the sun, has scratches, swirls, and tough water spot stains, your car could benefit from paint correction!

What is Paint Correction?

It is the process of removing minor scratches and defects that are on the surface or embedded in the vehicles clear coat. Typically, using a machine polisher, different varieties of pads, and compounds/polishes we would be cutting and/or polishing(refining) to level out the clear coat to bring back the clarity of the vehicle!

Before even beginning any work, we must assess what the paintwork needs and what it will allow for us to achieve. 


Paint Enhancement

In this single step paint correction process(paint enhancement) this aims to remove light swirls and defects in the paint and bring back some clarity. This is technology that combines a traditional 2 step Compound & Polish correction into one step, removing defects while also restoring gloss!

2 Step Compound & Polish 

If your car has more moderate to heavy defects, which means that the defects are deeper into the clear coat of your paintwork, it may be time for a 2 step correction. This would include a compounding stage(cut) to remove deeper scratches, heavy swirling, hardened water spots, and moderate surface defects. After, it would be followed by a polishing stage(refining) to remove any compounding marks that the more aggressive, previous stage may have left behind to achieve the perfect finish. This would be the traditional method but also next progression in the paint correction world and will make a significant difference in your vehicle’s paint clarity. 

Multi-Step Extensive Correction 

If you are looking for a complete makeover, this may be for you. This includes a multi stage correction where we buff and polish multiple times in order to remove super deep scratches and heavy paint defects. This is recommended for anyone who wants a showroom finish. 

Why is Paint Correction Completed?

The intention of doing paint correction is to remove defects and imperfections of the vehicle’s clear coat so that the finish has a more glossy appearance shining from the base coat sitting underneath. It is a service that is completed usually to prep a vehicle for a protective coating or film application. The process can be different for different vehicles because it is based on the type of paint, the amount of defects, and what the client really wants to get out of it. Defects and imperfections that are typically removed by this method include:

  • Remove fine scratches
  • Remove spider webbing or swirl marks
  • Removing bird stains and bug splatters
  • Remove water spots(calcium deposits)
  • Stripping old wax, sealants, coatings

What Should You Use to Protect Your Vehicle from Future Damage?

At the minimum, you should always have your car protected with a wax or a sealant. Typically, most waxes and sealants in the market will keep your vehicle protected from the elements for a couple months. They still work great! However, the timeframe of how long it will actually last depends on where it’s parked, and how much dirt and debris are introduced to it through the elements.  Although traditional waxes and paint sealants have been the noise for years, nowadays there are more different, long lasting alternatives. If you’re looking for the the best protection that you can get to reduce the potential of swirl marks, scratches, and defects on the vehicle’s surface, paint protection film or a professional-grade ceramic coating is the best way to go.